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"Suspended in Time"
"Lights Out"
"Gut Wrenched"
"Spring Lamb"
"Lights Out"
"Lights Out"
"Hanging Baskets"
"Pick It"
"Broken Heart"
"Suspended in Time"


This collection of Robert's work was born out of tragedy: the historic barn on his property burned to the ground in October 2015. He's been using the metal and cast iron pieces (missing, of course, their wooden handles and parts) from farm implements and antiques that were left behind in the debris, to create stunning sculptures.  Many of the pieces in the "Out of the Ashes" series at first glance appear to be encased in ice; not until the viewer comes close is it revealed that the sculpture is made with glass.

 Many of these sculptures have been exhibited at the Wilson Museum, Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, Vermont; Brattleboro Museum and Art Center in Brattleboro, Vermont; Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts; and are for sale at our Townshend, Vermont gallery and online.

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