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Glass Hermit Crab Shells @

Hand-blown glass hermit crab shells are crafted by Robert DuGrenier in his Vermont glass studio. Taking care to pose no harm to the crabs, Robert has imitated the interior shape of each of his hand-blown crystal shells, following the spiral formations which accommodate the contours of a hermit crab's body.

The shells come in many sizes. Shells are measured across the narrow opening. If the size you require is not listed below, contact us for a quote for a custom shell. Email us at

All of our shells are hand made in Vermont.

Choose US Postal Service for the most economical shipping charges.

PLEASE NOTE: The online store does not add on shipping charges for international orders. You can either email us ( prior to placing your order for an estimate (let us know quantity and sizes) or we can email you with the cost once we've received your order.

"I was not ready to be so pleased with the craftsmanship of your product!"

"I could have sworn there would be a 6 week wait before my order would ship. Thank you so very very much for giving a whole new meaning to a very old hobby. I am a first time hermit owner, and my crababies are very special. Once again thank you for your fast service and beautiful glass work!"

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