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Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc. was started in 1980 by Robert DuGrenier as a design studio specializing in glass sculptural pieces and three-dimensional design. Over the years, based on his strengths of creativity and knowledge of materials, Robert has worked in collaboration with architects and designers to create custom glass sculptural installations and chandeliers. These are installed in hotels, stores, museums and private residences around the world.


The company has also become well known for its design and development of innovative packaging for the cosmetics industry and for creating custom awards for a variety of high-profile clients.


Robert DuGrenier is a well-known sculptor, artist, and designer working primarily in glass, metal and marble. Much of his work is informed by nature and its effects over time on a variety of elements. Robert worked on the redesign of the flame for the Statue of Liberty and was commissioned to create and produce the 1/12th scale model from which the French artisans sculpted the new flame.

In April 2018, Robert DuGrenier was inducted into the Illinois State University’s College of Fine Arts Hall of Fame in Normal, Illinois,nearly forty years after receiving a Masters of Fine Arts degree there. He first trained as a glassblower and goldsmith at Philadelphia College of Art and Hornsey College of Art in London, and then earned a M.F.A in sculpture at Illinois State University. DuGrenier visited the ISU campus to receive the award and presented a hot glass workshop and lecture for students in the glass program.

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