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Robert's work has touched both traditional and experimental arenas of the glass world. In his art and in his work as a designer, Robert's enthusiasm for the material pervades. As his work in glass has evolved, he has increased the interaction of glass with natural elements such as metal, stone and living things. Having moved from New York City to Vermont, the influence of nature on his artwork is now paramount. He creates living art pieces that are dependent upon nature for the end result: fruit tree sculpures interspersed with glass and metal, blown glass shell homes for hermit crabs to move in and out of, and glass bee hives with 40,000 bees to help complete the sculpture.
"It's art that is perpetual and ongoing like life itself."

Our solar-powered hot glass studio in Townshend, Vermont
is used to create commissioned work as well as Robert DuGrenier's own artwork.
Walk-in workshops, classes and studio rental by glass blowing professionals are available.

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