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Exhibitions Include:
Arnofini Gallery, UK
Bloomingdales, NY
City Without Walls Gallery, NJ
Christie’s, NY
Craftsman Gallery, NY
CVA Gallery, IL
Columbus Museum of Art, OH
Contemporary Artisans Gallery, CA
Contemporary Arts Center, OH
DeCordova Museum, MA
Electrum Gallery,UK
Embankment Gallery, UK
Fort Wayne Museum, IN
Fulcrum Gallery, NY
Habitat Gallery, MI
Heller Gallery, NY
Huntington Galleries, WV
Hyde Park Art Center, IL
Illinois State Fair Professional Art Show, IL
Japan Touring Exhibition
Katonah Gallery, NY
Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, WI
Mao Lee Gallery, IL
Maple Hill Gallery, ME
Montclair Art Museum, NJ
Museum of Arts and Design, NY
New York City Gallery, NY
Nina Owen Ltd., IL
Nippon Gallery, NY
Taft Hill Gallery, VT
The American Crafts Museum, NY
Thorpe Intermedia Gallery, NY
Toledo Museum of Art, OH
San Jose Museum of Art, CA
University of Southern Maine Gallery, ME

Collection/Public Works:
Dorchester Hotel, UK
Harry Winston, CA
Harry Winston, Japan
Tiffany & Co., CA
Wheaton Historical Museum, NJ
Ronald Abramson Collection, DC
Study Gallery, ME
Marshal Dulaney Pitcher Collection, IL
CVA Gallery, IL
Port Authority, NY

Glass Blowing Workshops 
are available for individuals or groups. 
Contact Robert by email 
or phone 802.365.4400 
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Glass Sculpture
Robert DuGrenier's work has touched both traditional and experimental arenas of the glass world. In his art and in his work as a designer, Robert's enthusiasm for the material pervades. As his work in glass has evolved, he has increased the interaction of glass with natural elements such as metal, stone and living things. Having moved from New York City to Vermont, the influence of nature on his artwork is now paramount. He creates living art pieces that are dependent upon nature for the end result: fruit tree sculptures interspersed with glass and metal, blown glass shell homes for hermit crabs to move in and out of, and glass bee hives with 40,000 bees complete the sculpture. 

"It's art that is perpetual and ongoing like life itself."